User agreement

Please read this USER AGREEMENT carefully before downloading. In order to use the Mindspate test the user must agree to all the terms of this USER AGREEMENT. Downloading or using the Mindspate test constitutes full agreement with MindSpate ABs terms and conditions as specified below. This forms a binding contract, enforceable by law, between the user and Mindspate AB. These terms are subject to be changed, modified or updated without any notification to you.

1. User: The user must be a psychologist who is sufficiently trained in psychological testing. The user must follow ethical principals and with prudence take into consideration other variables and gathered data for his or her assessment. The psychologist has the sole warrant for his or her assessment.

2. Licence: A licence could be either a two months free download or a three years payable licence. When the purchaser has paid for the test he or she recieves a receipt and has to renew the payment after three years to be able to continue the use of the test. Mindspate AB retains title to the test. Irrelevant to the licence purchased any misuse of the test (deemed so by MindSpate AB) would be a violation of the terms and conditions herein and would result in a nonrefundable licence termination. The downloading and, or, using constitutes the acceptence of the agreement of this USER AGREEMENT. The licence allows the user to use the test on one computer at the time. The user may not transmit the test from one computer to another or over a network. The test´s use is permissible only during the time period that it is licensed and it will not function fully after the licence has expired. When the licence has expired the user only has access to his or her test takers results.

3. Statement of privacy: The purchaser of a three years licence agrees to give his or her e-mail address to Mindspate AB so that Mindspate AB will be able to send a receipt and also to inform Mindspate AB of which country their buying so that proper taxes may be paid. While using the test the user is obligated to comply with all relevant data protection laws and relevant regulations and guidelines. In particular on ensuring sufficient approval from the individuals tested by him or her. Details such as age and gender that are needed for application of the appropriate norms do not enable an individual to be identified. A code may be used instead of the individuals name.

4. GDPR: By downloading or using the user acknowledges consent that the personal data provided to MindSpate AB will be stored. Data is stored as a necessity for the performance of a contract and compliance with legal obligations. In addition to MindSpate AB data will be stored by Stripe Inc. For increased security any debit or credit card details are not available to MindSpate AB. Binero AB is also acting as data processor on behalf of MindSpate AB. Personal data provided solely on the basis of consent can be deleted on request unless doing so would violate performance of contract or legal compliance. An excerp of the data collected can be obtained by the person in question. Please use the contact form to initiate any such request processes. Personal data is normally stored for the duration of the contract plus one year unless legal compliance require longer periods. MindSpate AB will never spread data unless legally bound to do so.

5. Offer and Order: The price is in Euros excluding applicable tax and other expenses for which the purchaser has the full responsibility. For sales in Sweden the price will include VAT. An order is accepted when full payment is paid and the receipt is e-mailed to the purchaser. Mindspate AB do not perform installation, adaptations to existing systems, or training. If required training may specifically be arranged.

6. Delivery: Every effort will be made by MindSpate AB to allow direct download access after successful payment. In the unlikely event that, during periods of high order levels or technical issues beyond MindSpate ABs control, no guarantee of immediate download are implied or given.

7. Warranty of the test: We warrant that upon delivery the test corresponds to the specification on the Mindspate site. The MindSpate site should be checked for the latest specification and user agreement updates.

8. Limited warranty in Media and Hardware: It is the user´s warrant to see to that his or her computer is adequate configurated to use the Mindspate test and any loss, physical or data is the user`s warrant.

9. Liability: Failure to immediatly report any claim to MindSpate AB is to be considered a violation of the user agreement leading to loss of validity. Notification does not affect the period of limitation.

10. Restrictions on use: The copying of software is permitted only for backing up the result file. 

11. Technical support: Mindspate AB warrant a limited technical support connected to the test during the licence period via e-mail.

12. Jurisdiction: In the event of any legal action related to this USER AGREEMENT the user consents that the Swedish law is applicable to it and the Swedish courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any such actions.