MindSpate has two license options.

The paid version
This is the standard purchase option and the license will last for three years of unlimited use of MindSpate in one language during that time. No additional fees per test will be charged. Each language version is an application of its own and will require its own license. The price for this option is 327 € not including applicable taxes! Students and researchers are charged 23€, about 25 USD.Buy license
The free version
For a two months trial period You can have access to the full version of MindSpate in one language version of Your choice. You may administer an infinite number of tests during this period to allow for a thorough acquainting with all aspects of its use. This license is valid once per IP adress only and can not be renewed.Get trial license

Please note that MindSpate can neither be copied or moved to another computer, nor can the licenses be downloaded again. By downloading You are committing Yourself to follow the User agreement!