The manual and printouts are in English only. Please read the terms and conditions before downloading.

How to to install MindSpate

Downloading and installing MindSpate should be a simple matter. If You encounter any problem whatsoever during this process, please let us know so that we can simplify our delivery system!

1. Download the program by clicking on the language option of Your choice below. If You are using Edge or Internet Explorer, select “Run”. If You are using Chrome the download menu can be found in the bottom left corner looking like a small upward pointing arrow. Initiate the installation process by clicking ”open” once the download is completed. 

2. You will be asked if You want to install MindSpate – click “yes” and follow the on-screen instructions.  

3. To use MindSpate You will also need to download a  license. You have the options to purchase a full license or try the program first with a free trial license. In the menu bar at the top of this page go to “Licensing” and select a “paid” or “free trial” license and fill in the forms. You will receive two e-mails. One with a confirmation and instructions for installing the licence key, and one separate e-mail containing the license key itself. Please check your spam filter settings if they don’t arrive within half an hour!

4. To insert the license key start by marking, and copying it as instructed in the order confirmation e-mail. Then start MindSpate. A big box should appear. Click inside it. This should produce a cursor inside the box. Then press and hold the Ctrl- key while simultanously pressing the letter “v” to paste the license key. Click “OK”!

You should now be ready to use MindSpate. Do not forget that You will need to press and hold the ctrl-shift-z combination for a full five seconds to exit from test mode. This lock is there to protect any sensitive data on Your test computer from unauthorized access! More information is found in the administration section in the manual.


MindSpate Psychological Cognitive Test Software
MindSpate Psychological Cognitive Test Software
MindSpate Psychological Cognitive Test Software

MacOS, Linux / Debian on request!