About us

Pernilla Edpalm

Pernilla Edpalm MindSpateOil painting is an opportunity for me to improve within a

field, which I like. I have also started to learn Spanish. To

relax I perform Kundaliniyoga. I am active in Amnesty

International and I also sponsor a girl in Rwanda, Africa.


MSc in Business and Economics
MSc in Psychology

licensed psychologist

Torsten Jönsson

Torsten Jönsson MindSpateAs a large part of my work consists of thought processes I

really enjoy using my hands in my spare time. I have been

taking a liking to making pipes as well as traditional

swedish knifemaking. I have also bought a forge and am

trying to learn the craft.


MSc in Psychology
licensed psychologist
Specialist in Work and Organisational Psychology


We have been married for 19 years and have two sons ages 8 and 13. Included in the family is also Elvis, the borderterrier, who makes sure we don’t need an alarm clock as he always want to go for a walk as soon as the sun goes up. We live in a house in the outskirts of Ronneby, Sweden.