About us

Pernilla Edpalm

MSc in Business and Economics
MSc in Psychology
licensed psychologist

Pernilla Edpalm MindSpateI began my professional life at the Department of Business
Administration at Lund University leading to a position
within the construction industry where I stayed until the
downturn in the 90s when I decided to do something
completely different and went back to the university. I
studied psychology for 5 years and spent my internship in
the geriatric field to earn my license. Thereafter I have
worked within habilitation and psychiatry with both
children and adults. Oil painting is an opportunity for me
to improve within a field, which I like. I have also started to learn Spanish. To relax I
perform Kundaliniyoga. I am active in Amnesty International and I also sponsor a girl in
Rwanda, Africa.

Torsten Jönsson

MSc in Psychology
licensed psychologist
Specialist in Work and Organisational Psychology

Torsten Jönsson MindSpateMy professional background consists mainly of a decade
of working in the psychiatric setting with assessment and
treatment of outpatients, adults as well as children followed
by a decade of working with vocational assessment and
rehabilitating people towards work life. As a large part of my
work consists of thought processes I really enjoy using my
hands in my spare time. I have been taking a liking of
traditional swedish knifemaking. I have bought a forge
and am trying to learn the craft.


Working with psychological assessment we became aware of the lack of a functional instrument within the area of mentalization, which influence all kinds of psychological well being. We could also see that with increased awareness in society of neuropsychiatric syndromes, assessment rescources no longer could keep up with demands. A reliable, yet user friendly, tool that could be administred in a short time was much in need. These were the premises that led to MindSpate.