MindSpate – Mentalizing Matters


MindSpate is a psychological test assessing skills in nonverbal communication. It is based on the definition of mentalizing as the capacity to see others  from the inside and Yourself from the outside.  In MindSpate You are supposed to read the emotions in the face and posture of others, seeing others from the inside. Then You change perspectives and try to rate how succesful You are compared to self and peers, seeing Yourself from the outside.  You can try MindSpate for free. MindSpate can be used on persons from 5 to 70 years of age, and it measures response times as well as scores. It takes about 10 minutes to administer and the results are presented in an easily interpreted printout. It has an extensive manual that amongst other texts discuss the research regarding deficits in facial emotion recognition in various clinical groups.

"A standardized, 
normally distributed, 
clinical nonverbal 
communications test"

In Downloads You have the options to either download a two months free trial license once or purchase the standard three years licence for 327€. For students and researchers the price is reduced to 23€ (about 25 USD). In Downloads You can find the Windows based version. If You prefer MacOS that version can be distributed on request.